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            Product Name:FY-HVS-1520 five-deckr high frequency screen

            Update Time:2021-8-25 15:37:10

            Product Details

            Fangyuan FY-HVS Series Multi-deck High Frequency Screen is a wet fine material screening equipment. Its features are as following:

            ● The main parts of screen are riveted with rivets, ensuring the reliability and stability of long-term operation, reducing maintenance times and the labor amounts.

            ● The surfaces are sprayed with polyurea, increasing the wear resistance and corrosion protection, extending the service life of the equipment.

            ● Matched with the fine screen mesh( Fangyuan’s innovation),the screen has 5 feeding ways, enlarging the handling capacity and the screening efficiency.

            Application range:

            ■ Coarse slime separation

            ■ Removal of pyrite from fine coal

            ■ Removal of lignite/peat from sand

            ■ Removal of high specific gravity impurities from sand

            ■ Ore classification

            ■ Separation of fine-grained minerals such as tin, lead, zinc, titanium, etc.


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